Introducing Doll Sweet 168-L mit Youyi-Kopf - Princess Leia Cosplay

This is an example configuration for the preconfigured Doll Sweet 168 in LPink skin tone, together with the Youyi head.

Youyi wears a cosplay costume in the style of Princess Leia from the Star Wars movie series.

The preconfigured silicone doll as shown above is ready for shipping on the next working day.


  • Skin tone: LPink
  • Tight joints
  • Fingers with phalanx
  • With finger nails/toe nails
  • Pubic hair: no fur
  • Vagina: Insert

The price of this preconfigured doll is €4.349,00 plus shipping. Pick-up is possible in Berlin.

The Princess Leia cosplay costume with matching brown wig and double buns and belt costs €49.00. A matching pair of white boots is available for €98.00, but not available from stock.

Other heads for the 168 cm body available from stock:

  • Alisa with brown eyes,
  • Jiaxin with blue eyes,
  • Jiayi with brown eyes, und
  • Penny with blue eyes.

Just drop me a message if you're interested!