Types of dolls

Doll Sweet provides four types of silicone dolls:

A) Realistic style:

The realistic style body includes the DS-158, DS-158 Plus and DS-167 bodies. The DS-15x body styles more voluptuous.

The DS-167 body is the most realistic style in our products.

The DS-170/M body is a muscular male type, body is uniform and with obvious muscle.

These bodies are modelled from a real actress and keeps most of the body details

B) Beauty style:

The beauty style body includes the DS-160 and DS-160 Plus (aka DS-161) bodies.

These bodies are designed for a perfect body curve - a modest and slender body style.

C) Supermodel style:

The supermodel style body includes the DS-163 and DS-163 Plus bodies.

These bodies are fantastic, they are with long legs and trim waist, very slim body style.

D) Cartoon style:

The cartoon style body includes the DS-145 and DS-145 Plus bodies.

Cartoon type body dosen't mean the body is from animation, it is 170cm nomal model resized to 85%. in order to lose weight, small body easy to operate.